Kia Soul 2020 Research New

Kia Soul 2020 Research New.

Crossovers are purple hot. Americans can’t get considerable of them. This is the Jeep Renegade vs Kia Soul vs Hyundai Kona vs Honda HR-V.

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Then, afterwards on, James opinions the new Toyota Camry AWD.

– You’re watching the “Autoblog Show.” Coming up, that is the Jeep Renegade in opposition to Kia Soul in opposition to Hyundai Kona towards Honda HRV. Afresh later, James campaign to Esplanade City, Utah for a aboriginal attending at the Toyota Camry all-wheel drive. This is Autoblog.


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– Oh, it’s properly.

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GREG MIGLIORE: Crossovers are crimson hot. They seem in all shapes and sizes. Americans can not get ample of them. Today, we’re interest to place a spotlight on auto crossovers. Those are the child ones, but they movement huge persona, affluence of favor, and, of path, account and ammunition efficiency. Appear alternating with us these days as we evaluation those four at the admirable anchorage of arctic Michigan to baddest our favourite.


When the Kia Soul aboriginal debuted aback in 2008 on the Paris Motor Show, loads of our bodies did not honestly apperceive what to perform of its funky, field-like styling. It did not without a doubt healthy into any express automotive phase. But that is surely why it was stated and why it’s nonetheless about today. In truth, Kia has awash introduced than 100,000 Souls anniversary year from 2011 thru 2018, and it’s on clue to do it afresh this yr. A rapid-charged agent hit the bazaar in 2017 and the 201-horsepower assemblage is what admiral our solid new evaluation vehicle– which, admitting actuality all new for 2019, it is aloof as blue as it’s every time been.

So the Soul become my bigger surprise. And I simply– I begin it agreeable and appealing fun to pressure. And I just– I surely like that mind-set that it nonetheless has. I beforehand it affectionate of builds on, like, what Sion was worrying to abduction afore it went away, and some of the ones arbitrary cartage from the aboriginal allotment of this decade like, , the Nissan Cube. It’s advanced up.

The advanced stop, I assume, is aloof air-conditioned searching, , with the ones affectionate of attenuate headlights and that grill. It’s a appealing vehicle. Now, it has a few shortcomings, but yeah, typical, I virtually favourite it. I in advance it came out as one of the more potent cars. I’d be absorbed to apprehend the vote casting breakdown, even though.

JOHN SNYDER: You men regarded to love it brought than I did. I had a few problems with it. I become no longer keen on the way it treated. The council turned into without a doubt ablaze and array of twitchy. It leaned loads inside the corners, and it aloof acquainted under solid. But you understand, it’s were given that energetic powertrain, appealing large rear accumulator space, and it is were given that blue styling– a alloyed bag for me.

JOEL STOCKSDALE: I adulation the styling. It’s air-conditioned funky. It’s got considerable architecture ability like the headlights, like you cited, and how it affectionate of looks like it is going the abounding amplitude of the automobile. I like the wrap-round taillight, the end. The autogenous is splendid. It’s sincerely, clearly spacious– for the advanced passengers, however abnormally for the rear passengers. The agent is lots of a laugh. The 10-inch infotainment awning is truly pleasant too. The abridgement of all-wheel drive does not hassle me all that tons. I like it’s management bigger than the Jeep.

– I sense like it handles attractive true, however I don’t feel love it handles appropriate considerable for the active journey. It’s appealing durably sprung, abnormally if you’re sitting in the aback seat, which I did a touch bit the day gone by– once more, alloyed bag. I virtually popular it. I adulation the capacity teach. I in advance it is fun to pressure, but it is no longer ideal.


– I aloof urge for food to accomplish abiding it is now not rubbinb.

– If he had $1 for whenever.

– There we cross.

– Thank you.


Launched in 2014, the Jeep Renegade gives Jeep’s accustomed traits, like off-avenue adequacy and the iconic fish fry in a car package deal. The Renegade is honestly an all-embracing product. It’s fabricated in Italy, and its 1.3-liter faster 4-cylinder agent comes from Poland. It’s all captivated in all-American styling. For 2019, the Renegade is tailored with a new superior fascia, aluminum wheels, and new LED headlights.

For Jeep lovers, the Renegade is an get right of entry to factor to the forged for the ones gluttonous look and functionality, however in a impede bundle.

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GREG MIGLIORE: All right, so we had a Jeep here, which I in advance is definitely thrilling. They’re area on this toddler segment.

JOHN SNYDER: I suggest, it’s in reality the high-quality account of a majority of these motors. It’s a Jeep. It’s all-wheel force. I might experience ok off-road in it. I’ve by no means prominent the Renegade, although, however I’m starting to like a touch bit added afterwards this aftermost move-around. That 1.3-liter turbo is affectionate of a marvel. There’s quite a few turbo lag, however already it gets going, it is attractive robust. And it sounds without a doubt suited from alfresco the auto, now not so ample imperative the automobile– would not virtually entire like a great deal. But there’s, like, some verbals and almost, like, crackles from the exhaust.


I absolutely moreover like uconnect and I like the manner aggregate is array of laid out on the centermost stack. You recognize, it doesn’t take care of about as in a position-bodied as the added motors, and I’m no longer in adulation with the administration both.

JOEL STOCKSDALE: I disagree with John on a brace of things. I actually like the–

GREG MIGLIORE: Good, let’s gather some altercation here.

JOEL STOCKSDALE: I ahead it looks good-looking. It’s a pleasing, boxy, rugged-looking little factor. It looks like a tiny Cherokee or– properly, a tiny XJ Cherokee.

GREG MIGLIORE: Maybe a toaster.

JOEL STOCKSDALE: Yeah, so does the Soul– or even, like, a tiny Wrangler. I do accede the engine’s really high-quality. It’s got proper power. Doesn’t feel as quick as the others. I beforehand it is just– it is a added vehicle. I do not like the coping with. It would not acquire a carried out lot of grip. It’s got a whole lot of anatomy roll. And what surely insects me is the council is clearly ambiguous and no feel. It’s not article that’s fun to booty on corners.

GREG MIGLIORE: So your emblem are JK– you’re array of our Jeep guru, if you may. How do you feel approximately the aboriginal of the Jeeps?

JOHN SNYDER: I assumption because the actionable Jeep guru, you’d in advance that I might be pleasant fatigued to this car, and you’d be right. It’s the one that I urge for food to love. Like, aback I’m attractive at all the specifications on paper, undertaking my stroll-round, simply, like, which this type of am I first of all fatigued to? And it is the Jeep. I virtually in advance the management is appealing fun. It’s affectionate of like a blue booty on the boxlike 80s XJ.

The headlights, I suppose, are air-conditioned air-conditioned additionally, and they assignment genuinely nicely. It’s affectionate of like a avant-garde booty at the desirable Jeep front-stop. The lively acquaintance is the ache element, and that is abnormally available aback you pressure it aback to aback with the Kona. Joel’s proper– the council is actual ambiguous on center. There’s genuinely a piece of movement that you could do, and the car affectionate of aloof wiggles aback and alternating a bit bit. It’s now not air-conditioned responsive.

But I moreover in advance we allegedly generally tend to recognition on those lively dynamics a little bit delivered than the client is interest to. Actual few bodies are affairs a Kona or a Renegade for their arced alley prowess. And the acumen of the Jeep is a large advantage. It’s the airiest. It feels real enough at the interior. We put bristles bodies in it and went to dinner, and none people familiar decidedly cramped. All in all, I genuinely certainly widespread it. I would not begrudge anyone for allotment it.


JOEL STOCKSDALE: The Honda HRV sincerely represents the longest-going for walks capital bowl in this group. The HRV originally released on the about-face of the Millennium, in both four-door and -door sorts, but became never provided fact inside the United States. We did not get the HRV till 2016, and that adaptation is what we are checking out today in a infrequently energetic anatomy for 2019.


GREG MIGLIORE: So the HRV, I assume, does lots of, I’d say, little matters well. It has absorption to element, but it is got a few shortcomings. We honestly had a persisted appellation HRV a brace of years returned– did not logo out so capable-bodied on the cease of its yearlong check. Joel, you are affectionate of an capable on Hondas. What do you watched?

JOEL STOCKSDALE: I really well known the autogenous flexibility. It’s real adequate in there, masses of burden space. The autogenous is sincerely nice. It’s in a position-bodied completed. It’s were given best substances. It’s a pleasant-looking home to be. What actually hurts it’s far the powertrain. It doesn’t gather quite a few strength. It’s were given a CVT that makes it virtually buzzy. The capital element, even though, that really, sincerely collection me loopy with it, though, was the infotainment. It’s lousy.

GREG MIGLIORE: Yeah, it’s truly bad.

JOEL STOCKSDALE: I can’t accumulate Honda nevertheless places this in any of its vehicles, because it has a bigger infotainment system. Like, the infotainment association in the Honda Accord works fantastic.

GREG MIGLIORE: That’s a big shortcoming, I assume, and it certainly affectionate of bleeds over into, like, the temperature controls. Because you have got the infotainment appropriate there and afresh suitable below it, you’ve got this, like, affectionate of, like– now not blow screens or some thing, they are, like, blow pads.

JOEL STOCKSDALE: They’re contact-touchy buttons.

GREG MIGLIORE: And they do not venture actually nicely.

JOEL STOCKSDALE: Yeah, it’s frustrating, and it is one of these things that you acquire to affectionate of attending at it to perform abiding which you’re certainly hitting the appropriate spot.

kia soul 2020 Configurations

GREG MIGLIORE: So it aloof outcomes, like, affectionate of a awful consumer enjoy, like, appropriate bottomward the center.

JEREMY KORZENIEWSKI: Honestly, it’s the by myself one which I would honestly, genuinely not appetite to esplanade in my personal driveway. I abhorrence that transmission. I in advance it’s terrible, appropriately because it’s alive with too little electricity. The entire of the agent is horrible. It, like, drones constantly.


It did not quantity if I gave it department throttle, bisected throttle, whatever, it seemed like it didn’t cross any faster. And it cons– it simply, like, ashore at that connected RPM. Like, this is the automobile that gives CVTs the sort of bad call, and it drives me crazy. It’s not all awful, even though. The council is actual desirable. It rings a bell in my memory of, like, archetypal Hondas of antique– ’80s, ’90s that had ample steering.


– Hyundai aboriginal pulled the wraps off the Kona in June of 2017 as a adversary in the swiftly growing automobile crossover segment. We got our aboriginal in a position at it in Kona Hawaii, of all locations, in March of the in a while year. It become anon observed via an all-electric powered model. The Kona bound garnered choose amid the widely wide-spread on hand as capable-bodied because the automotive press– so considerable in order that it becoming the account of North American Sport Account Agent of the Year on the 2019 Detroit Auto Show.

JOEL STOCKSDALE: I in reality do just like the way this affair handles. It turns in quick. It feels certainly planted. I beforehand this feels the pleasant like a desirable little vehicle than the blow of the group.


GREG MIGLIORE: So the Hyundai Kona– for me, this is definitely one of the added polarizing ones. But I’ll be absorbed to understand what you men assume.

JEREMY KORZENIEWSKI: Yeah, I ahead it is the first-class a laugh to power out of the four that we’ve got. So they truely did a applicable job on that journey-managing balance. The ability alternation I additionally beforehand became actually desirable. It’s actual carefully accompanying to the agent and DCT bifold clamp guide of the Soul. But it’s acquainted in a different way. It’s a touch bit below powerful– I beforehand one hundred seventy five horse towards 201 horse. The Kona I certainly, actually preferred– the bankrupt reality abridgement of burden amplitude and bound backseat.

JOEL STOCKSDALE: I had so plentiful amusing active this aspect. And like Jeremy said, it is a little bit bottomward on potential compared to the Soul, however it virtually does not sense like it is that some distance bottomward on strength. It still feels certainly brief. I suggest, the administration makes up for quite a few that. Like, you can backpack acceleration through corners. You don’t acquire to consistently be accepting at the fuel. It’s real a laugh, and it is allegedly the one that I might appetite to booty home. But due to how baby it’s far on the interior, it is now not always the one that I might acclaim to all people. We could not get all of our evaluation baggage into it.

JOHN SNYDER: Aback Joel and I have been active up here, I spent the aboriginal brace hours within the Honda, and afresh we switched and I got into the Kona, and it turned into considerable delivered comfortable. The seating, the basement role– I well-known spending time in the Kona loads larger than allegedly any of the introduced cars.

GREG MIGLIORE: I array of like the appears, however, like, that synthetic cladding and, like, all the reality that is on there– to me, it appeared way ever complex. But it has some in a position factors. The capability alternation is real exact. You realize, like Jeremy– such as you stated, it is capable-bodied acquainted for its cause, that’s essential. I ahead the HRV is hardly brought at ease, however I ahead the Kona is, like, appropriate there with it as some distance as truth simply, in fashionable, fact a real adequate car– I’d say advanced of the Jeep and the Kia.


JOHN SNYDER: So the effects– in fourth vicinity, Honda HRV. I did 100-point scale. So that one is 72 factors. Third location– Jeep Renegade, in at seventy five points. Additional vicinity, Hyundai Kona at 78.9– so 79. And afresh the Soul received at eighty two.5



GREG MIGLIORE: Yeah, Joel and I, I think, are attractive glad. I experience like that turned into aloof that the able credibility of the Soul collect absolutely agitated the day.

JOHN SNYDER: For me, it is affectionate of a bummer, due to the fact it’s miles the atomic crossovery of the bunch, and it would not acquire all-wheel drive. It does aggregate so able-bodied that it aloof fabricated up for that.

GREG MIGLIORE: And I ahead it evoked quite a few capable emotions, which, , aback you are setting your credibility out, dispensing them, it just– it high-quality up a lot of credibility in regions that, you recognize, we affliction approximately. And that’s what helped.

JEREMY KORZENIEWSKI: Yeah, I ahead if the Kona had a bigger backseat, delivered burden space, and the Kia’s past infotainment machine, it might acquire been the select. I’m no longer afraid that a accumulation of 4 automobile reporters and active fans–


JEREMY KORZENIEWSKI: Would aces the Kia. It’s the great in a position of the organization, and it is the most eldritch– like, funkiest.

JOHN SNYDER: I’ll say this, although, for lively enjoyment, we as a accumulation favorite the Kona the first-rate.

JOEL STOCKSDALE: I’m no longer afraid by way of that in any respect. It’s calmly the nice fun to force. Affair is, it’s no longer aloof the capability and the administration on the Soul. Like, what absolutely receives me is it’s honestly, really realistic. It’s were given numerous burden room. It’s were given genuinely livable, on hand backseats for good sized adults. It’s a implemented car. That’s a massive affair for me. Especially, like, if you’re accepting a hatchback, like, you are accepting it for practicality.

kia soul 2020 Ratings

JEREMY KORZENIEWSKI: Right, however what you aloof stated is in case you’re accepting a hatchback.


JEREMY KORZENIEWSKI: You failed to say, in case you’re accepting a subcompact–

JOEL STOCKSDALE: Every crossover is a car in case you surely appetite to get bottomward to it. They all accumulate a hatch.

JEREMY KORZENIEWSKI: Yeah, sure. Sure. I assumption the catechism is– the Kia is a crossover. You recognise, it’s a crossover amid a account agent and a hatchback. So it suits the mildew. It is what it is. And there’s quite a few cartage in that articulation that don’t movement all-wheel power.

GREG MIGLIORE: The Soul received. This was a a laugh take a look at. We’ll do it afresh quickly.


JAMES RISWICK: We are in Esplanade City, Utah. It is truly admirable and albino and algid right here, but we’re in the Camry all-wheel force. This is new for 2020. Now, all-wheel pressure, delivered usual for human beings, however a big acumen why bodies are hobby for crossovers. So to array of axis the advance of that exodus, Toyota has befuddled all-wheel power into this Camry.


Now, it’s miles the aforementioned belvedere it is on the RAV4, which has all-wheel power. That stated, the Camry became by no means recommended to accumulate all-wheel drive from the beginning. No, this became article they absitively originally, no, we are now not pastime to accumulate it. But afresh essentially the extra that the all new Camry got here out, their bazaar analysis and their barter began traumatic, no, we rate this to acquire all-wheel power.

And so they put the engine, the transmission, and the animosity from the RAV4 into actuality inside the Camry. To achieve this, they did fee to exchange the attic plan, essentially, of this Camry to gather that prop shaft, which is without a doubt from the Highlander, not the RAV4. And through demography $.25 and portions from all around the homestead from that aforementioned platform, you get this– the Camry all-wheel power.


Now, there’s aloof the aboriginal itty bit of fulfillment difference. This makes 202-horsepower with all-wheel force in opposition to 203. The torque is aloof a little bit distinctive. Really, you are no longer interest to absolutely notice. The RAV4 is out there with two altered all-wheel force systems. One aloof sends ability superior to lower back. The added one sends ability superior to aback as capable-bodied as ancillary to ancillary in the rear.

The Camry is on my own accessible with the above one. So there may be no torque vectoring on this. It is not aloof a acknowledging machine– so it does not aloof faculty caster slippage up advanced and accelerate ability to the rear. It can try this. But alternatively, it is simply– it is demography in a array of altered inputs from the guidance, from the throttle, to beforehand the charge for introduced capability at the rear.

For instance, if you’re activity to gun it uphill, affairs are it’s pastime to boost up a piece delivered ability to the back. So this is the Camry all-wheel pressure device. The alley is cartilage dry here, so we actually don’t rate it in the meanwhile. But we are branch to a wintry weather icy, slushy, albino improve area we are activity to be active around, maybe every now and then in a beeline line, however allegedly on the whole alongside and spinning and aloof about undertaking albino stuff.

OK so reputedly, it is slushier and slipperier than it become in advance. So– and the affair is that this has all-season tires on it. These are not snow tires. So that must be interesting. Said to go up the acropolis quicker than 15– OK, performed. This is 25. Ah. Now we’re sliding, now it catches.

Hello, see– right here’s the factor– so tires do loads. And so this has all-seasons, no longer the snow tires. We’re interest over actuality now. OK, tires are the best important element. If you are lively on snow, get snow tires. That’s pastime to be brought vital than all-wheel drive ultimately. The added affair is you don’t recognize how abundant adherence ascendancy does. It does an abominable lot, to the point that you ahead you are a hero, and afresh you approximately-face off adherence control, and afresh you are no longer fact anymore. You are in a snow financial institution– so important factors, snow tires and don’t approximately-face off the adherence control, you dingus.

So currently, you do not rate abounding arms to calculation the cardinal of all-wheel pressure midsize sedans. You got your Subaru Bequest and you’ve were given your Nissan Altima. And it truly is appealing ample it. I beforehand what the bequest is, obviously, it is been approximately continually and it’s had all-wheel power. But– so Toyota is awaiting this accepting 15% of the booty amount all-wheel force interest forward, except they put it up for sale over three hundred,000 Camrys a 12 months, which company in case you do the math, that is hobby to be brought than all of the Legacies. So correctly, what you are appealing at is acceptable the best affairs all-wheel force sedan.

Now, active reality in this admirable abundance avenue, I can say that that is honestly a delivered agreeable agent to force than any Subaru Legacy, that is affectionate of bendable and the council is affectionate of great and friendly. And it’s just– it’s stupid. It’s addled is what I’m pronouncing.

But the Bequest is on the market with the huge turbo answerable agent option. So you got strength– and abnormally aback you’re reality at altitude, it is interest to accomplish a difference. The Camry is 4-cylinder most effective. They anticipation about setting the V6 with all-wheel drive. But at present, alone 6% of bodies receive a Camry V6. So it aloof failed to accomplish school to brace all-wheel pressure with the V6.

The brought affair this is absorbing about that is that within the past, there were added all-wheel force midsize sedans– the Chrysler 2 hundred, the Ford Fusion had all-wheel force, however they were aloof commutual with excessive trim tiers with the introduced in a position agent option. The reality that that is aloof with a abject archetypal does affectionate of go about with the democratization of all-wheel drive. It’s not aloof a awesome affection anymore, it is article that everyone needs.


A brace introduced statistics and figures– this receives 28 to 29 afar according to gallon combined, relying on trim level. That is a few beneath than the front-drive model. And the all-wheel power advantage is set $1,500 delivered than the commensurable front-wheel pressure version. Now, does all-wheel force accomplish a aberration on ice and albino roads? Absolutely, it does.

But will it accomplish a aberration aback our bodies are evaluating this to, say, a Honda Accord? Definitely. All-wheel power is a above new option. It’s article that our bodies are attractive for in, well, places location it snows. But the added catechism is, will the accession of all-wheel drive be considerable to annihilate that departure of bodies from sedans to SUVs? We’ll aloof acquire to put off and spot.


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