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Subaru Giveaway 2020 Style.

Photos: General Motors, HOT ROD Archives, and Bob Mehlhoff

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The first-technology Camaro hit its aiguille in 1969. Compared to the beforehand 1967 and 1968 aboriginal gens, there have been introduced agent selections, sleeker styling, a decrease, wider, and meaner look, and suitable actualization bales and trim codes. From GM’s perspective, the 1969 Camaro became “the abutting high-quality affair to a ‘Vette.” It became as boxy as a big Chevy semitruck, ambrosial to the adolescent hip bearing but moreover to Marlboro men, burghal proto-soccer moms (did they akin abide yet in 1969), and—with the 1969 Camaro SS, 1969 Camaro Z/28, and the allegorical COPOs—to hardcore gearheads, be they annoyance racers or alley racers.

There have been so abounding approach to benefit up a 1969 Camaro, any of those demographics ought to gather a Camaro that catered appropriately to its tastes. Over the 1969 Camaro’s affiliated accumulation run from August 1968 via November 1969 (a abutment bang delayed the all-new 1970 fashions), 243,0.5 1969 Camaros fashioned off the buildup curve from flora in Norwood, Ohio, and Van Nuys, California, a almanac that would attitude till 1979.

1969 Camaro SS 350, sand, sky, ocean, “California blonde” version. What delivered should one desire? One of Chevy’s capital pitches for the adolescent military turned into that a Camaro changed into all approximately accepting a laugh inside the sun—and anywhere else.

Today aback you buy a new vehicle, abounding options are deserted accessible as allotment of all-embracing applications, but at some point of the celeb canicule of the red meat car technology abounding of the 1969 Camaro’s 130-plus RPOs (normal accumulation options) may be ordered in my opinion, l. A. Carte. Although the boilerplate banker did banal the showcase with added or below identical motors, there had been so abounding alternatives and options on hand and so abounding altered 1969 Camaro trim and acrylic codes that, in concept, Chevy should anatomy bags of 1969 Camaros and not gather any two of them become genuinely same.

This Chevy ad appeals to each the adolescent hip generation—but moreover to their oldster parents. “Some dad and mom are akin allurement to borrow their children’s Camaro. But don’t assume we won’t put it up for sale you a Camaro if you’re over 30.” You can aloof accomplish out the brand new-for-1969 SS Kelsey-Hayes Magnum 500-pattern caster with bristles primary ribs and recessed black-painted coves. This is awfully uncommon; best 1969 SS Camaros came with Rally wheels.

From a warm rod perspective, akin hardcore success versions had a large bulk of choices in transmissions, arbor ratios, and (of path) agent packages. You could adjustment a 1969 Camaro SS with a four-barrel 350 or three altered 396 engines. A appropriate 302/290-hp Z/28 may be decked out for alley antagonism with alternative JL8 Corvette-kind 4-wheel disc brakes, a chilly-air hood, and akin (through a hep supplier’s account department) a dual-quad go-ram. There were 3 altered Muncie 4-speeds offered. You ought to acerb up any Camaro with an RS management amalgamation or fine interior. And those had been aloof a number of the approximately arise options. For those within the apperceive there have been the acutely off-the-books COPO (important appointment accumulation order) 427 options, which technically abandoned GM’s professional (on the time) electricity/weight arrangement mandates.

Chevy knew kids in demand the adventurous Camaro. But they capital to argue affected parents (who of boost in reality had the greenbacks) that it became OK to cantankerous the beneath-30 bearing hole and acquaint with adolescent affiliation about all of the abundant new actualization alien in 1969 “which include a bit accessory that washes your headlights for you. You ought to drive a new Camaro the aboriginal adventitious you get. Akin if you’re forty two. “

Speak Camaro 1969 advert for Z28 Vroom Vroom






Click to make bigger


So considerable abandon of fine might also collect been air-conditioned or groovy, however a bisected aeon afterwards it is additionally absolute ambagious to creditors, restorers, and gearheads alike. It would not be too accessible to mention that attenuate 1969 Camaro versions every now and then nevertheless about-face up, and but those survivors (as the enthusiast affiliation calls them) are all-unique and notably accumulate all affidavit intact. Enthusiast web sites are abounding with amaranthine discussions of what ought to be correct. Here, we will booty a attending at a number of the basal 1969 Camaro versions, alternatives, and trim codes application attenuate GM real photos and videos, as able-bodied as abstruse pics retrieved from our athenaeum that constitute the aerial watermark of the American red meat vehicle generation. And evaluation out our Week to Wicked 1969 Camaro anatomy for the way HOT ROD is bells the nice of the new LS/LT-primarily based aureate fulfillment age with the around-the-clock 1969 Camaro.

“Camaro puts the clasp on the road—and on the competition.” In this advertisement, the guy and gal are both absent approximately anniversary different’s … Camaros. The underneath-the-hood message: Whoever drives a Camaro acutely gets the gal—or the man. Interestingly, the man is energetic a frequent Rallysport Coupe, while the adult has her basal right into a afire crimson SS 350 convertible. Equal befalling right here, Nineteen Sixties style!

“Take the caster of a Camaro at your Chevrolet provider’s. And cross hug a street.” Stressing the decrease and brought 1969 Camaro’s road-conserving ability, abounding Chevy ads accessory the road-hugger affair big-time, as capable-bodied because the abounding awards gained by the 1969 Camaro, decidedly that the Camaro has been alleged as the Indy 500 clip vehicle for the introduced time in years. New era which includes computer-selected abeyance springs (a absolute first) and antitheft steerage-column-established agitation lock have been all new for 1969.

Compared to 1967 and 1968 fashions, the 1969 Camaro is hardly ever decrease and wider, with a brought muscular, in-your-face appearance, abnormally in its aboveboard profile. Two basal anatomy patterns affiliated to be to be had: a semi-fastback automobile and a convertible in 18 awesome hues as capable-bodied as (new for 1969) six -tone combinations.

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Camaros hugged the road, so the ad men alleged them the Hugger. To accessory the factor, 1969 Camaros had been reachable in a brand new in-your-face acrylic colour, Hugger Orange. The 215-hp 327 abject V-8s (notice advanced fender badge) were added 1968 engines. They had been abolished anon afterwards the alpha of accumulation with a 210-hp 307 (whoopee). This car is seemingly a ancestor aback it’s missing the Chevy bowtie on the average of the advanced grille.

This black-and-white picture illustrates the real actualization of a abject Camaro’s superior grille and rear taillight panel. The superior grille is argent with a dejected bowtie adumbration in the center. Addition bowtie adumbration is targeted amid the rear rear lights on the body-colored taillight panel.

Dawn of a brand new age, the age of Camaro. Looks just like the bowtie grille adumbration has assuredly accustomed on this shot. Accepted hoods for abject motors had been collapsed besides for a centerline actualization crease.

There’s that attenuate hugger affair again. I assumption she definitely loves her new Camaro. That, or it’s a in reality algid day about out at the aerial plains.

Another new blush for 1969 turned into Daytona Yellow. There affiliated to be anatomy styles: vehicle and convertible. 1969 changed into the aftermost 12 months for the Camaro convertible till 1987. Front-end actualization for the RS trim amalgamation accommodate a introduced oval-fashioned atramentous grille with targeted “RS” emblem and hidden headlights.

“Some tough, tough, able Chevrolets are hamper than others. We apprentice approximately structure cars by way of structure trucks.” The ad relates how toughening up the Camaro’s engines for 1969 and its all-welded unibody shows Chevy motors and vehicles accumulate lots in not unusual. The brainy bulletin is that the manly-man barter disciplinarian certainly admires the Camaro (or is it, ahem, the disciplinarian of the Camaro). Interestingly, this SS appears to collect base-car canine-dish caster hubcaps.

The Super Action (SS) alternation abject agent changed into the L48 300-hp 350 (aka SS 350). On SS automobiles, the superior grille had an in-your-face “SS” changing the bowtie on a typically atramentous grille. Are we analysis a hugger affair afresh here? Like, maybe, a in a position-bodied hugger. And not the Alien cine face-hugger parasite, both.

When an SS turned into able with the RS trim package, an “SS” emblem replaces the “RS” brand at the center-front grille.

Why now not aces up your son from academy in a Hugger Orange Camaro SS 396 with an flush atramentous vinyl roof? “See you later, son. I’m off to accommodated the gals for a ablaze Ford cafeteria at the dragstrip.” SS 396 models got here with a first-rate of three altered massive-block 396 engines. On an SS, the general “Camaro” calligraphy amid the superior annoy and doorline is replaced through a “Camaro SS” badge.

This advert about the 1969 Camaro SS RS 396 convertible Indy clip vehicle concludes, “Camaro units the tempo. For the antagonism to comply with.” It brags approximately the able SS engines and aloft abeyance that accomplish a Camaro a aces clip automobile for the Indy 500.

A Chevy Camaro turned into the official clip automobile of the Indy 500 in 1967 and afresh in 1969. Chevy get up confined-edition clip vehicle duplicate tie-ins. This GM collapsed attempt lacks the engine-length logo advanced of the ancillary cornering mild, ideal due to the fact the replicas had been available with any SS 350 or 396 engine. Additionally schedule the rear antenna (RPO U73) arresting in this archetype (wellknown antennas were on the suitable advanced fender advanced of the windshield pillar).

The absolute clip automobile become a convertible, however the replicas had been on hand each as a auto (RPO Z10) or a convertible (RPO Z11). The absolute clip automobile had an L71 375-hp 396 with the L89 aluminum active and a TH400 computerized trans. Trackside at Indy there have been moreover 130 abutment Indy clip cars, nice with a 350 and an automated, but some had 396s and four-pace manuals. All clip motors got the Super Scooper hood, white rear appendage panels (inspite of the 396), ZJ7 Rally wheels, and custom orange houndstooth interior.

GM awash 3,675 1969 Camaro Indy Clip Car replicas. All were Dover White with Z/28-style Hugger Orange antagonism stripes and attenuate pinstripes (formally termed “fender striping”). Pinstripes came on any Camaro aback you ordered the Appearance Trim Group (RPO Z21) or Rally Action accessories (RPO Z22).

1969 Indy Clip Car aperture e book had been decals, now not corrective on. The decals got here within the trunk, and the customer ought to administer them as desired.

All Camaros had obvious apish aperture louvers amid the aperture and rear caster openings. Appearance Trim Advantage RPO Z21 added those chrome-plate louvers with atramentous accents. Best SS builds had 14 x7 Rally animate auto with trim earrings and agent (shown actuality on Indy clip automobile) or SS centermost caps, shod with F70-14 tires. E78-14 tires came on first-rate commonplace Camaros—both blackwall or RPO PK8 whitewalls.

This contemporary-day attempt of a Z11 Indy clip car convertible acutely indicates off the RS the front-cease and grille with hidden headlights. It has avant-garde adorable tires on Rally wheels, however the arresting abysmal bowl is a clue these are delivered aftermarket clones.

“1969 Z/28. So apocalyptic it is going by way of its cipher name.” A no-holds-barred achievement advert, the archetype acquiescently describes the high-revving 302/290-hp stable-lifter engine, beefed-up suspension, new white-lettered tires, Hurst-shifted 4-pace, and akin mentions the on hand four-wheel disc anchor choice. “People are apprenticed to invite what the Z stands for. Tell them ‘Zap!'” The Z/28 is acceptable the deserted GM archetypal alleged afterwards an (first of all) approximately alleged RPO code. Cart afore the horse? We’re not complaining.

An top notch 20,302 Z/28 Camaros have been congenital in 1969’s affiliated archetypal run. Alien in 1967, Z/28s had been initially fabricated to authorize the Camaro for the SCCA Auto Am alley chase alternation that bound agent displacement to 5.0L (305 ci), however the advantage became universal in its own proper. All 1967 to 1969 Z/28s had a four-velocity Muncie chiral automobile (M20, M21, or M22). There have been no automated Z/28s till the 1970 models.

Although the all-inclusive majority of 1969 Camaros had chrome bumpers, all through the buildup run RPO VE3 anatomy blush advanced bumpers have become available. Acutely alleged the Endura bumper, this architecture had a animate amount amidst by means of a adjustable polyurethane carapace corrective to bout the frame. 12,650 Camaros with Endura bumpers got here off the line. The 1969 rear bumpers had been constantly chrome.

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Here’s a admixture of attenuate alternatives: Z/28, Super Scooper ducted hood, Endura bumper, and atramentous vinyl roof. The backward accumulation Z/28 belongs to Bob Mehlhoff. You can not see the attenuate JL8 4-wheel disc anchor advantage ambuscade out under the 15 x 7 Rally wheels. A Z/28 identity logo advanced of the ancillary brand lighting fixtures replaces the engine-length emblem acclimated on best added V-eight-powered Camaros.

On non-SS Rally Action (RS) Camaros—whether generic V-eight RS or a Z/28 RS admixture like this one reputation to Steve Shauger—a “Rally Sport” advanced fender logo is acclimated in preference to a obvious “Camaro” badge. SS RS Camaros continually accumulate a “Camaro SS” fender badge.

Besides the Z28, one delivered alternation of V-eight-powered 1969 Camaros failed to regularly accumulate an engine-length fender badge: “mystery” COPO 427 L72 and ZL1 Camaros. The abandoned absolute exoteric betrayal is that—at atomic formally—the COPOs all had the ZR2 Super Scooper hood. This attenuate archetype belongs to Steve Shauger.

The COPO Camaro’s superior grille was the abject vehicle’s argent blush with the time-honored Chevy dejected bowtie. Acutely COPOs came with 14 x 7 Rally vehicle like the set on this case, although some with catlike abject Camaro frame-colored car and dog bowl hubcaps are generic to exist.

Who let the canine dishes out? This crimson COPO L72 472 Camaro became in the beginning awash new by way of a Canadian supplier—making it doubly uncommon: Abandoned 75 COPOs went to north-of-the-border dealers. Triply uncommon: It has 18-carat frame-coloured auto with dog bowl hubcaps.

From stealth to for your face: Performance-oriented sellers like Yenko Chevrolet and Berger Chevrolet from time to time activated their very own custom stripes, lettering, and logos to the contrarily simple-searching COPOs. Besides the reliable manufacturing facility-constructed vehicles, the dealers additionally congenital centralized COPOs with the aid of swapping out 396 engines for 427s.

Chevy sufficient endorsements of the adventurous Camaro—in particular by way of adult European celebrities, including this ad providing aerial ski racer Olympic gold-medal champ Jean Claude Killy with his air-conditioned French accent—proved that if the 1969 Camaro could affect person drivers of European sports activities motors who by the way moreover endemic their very own clandestine airplanes, it rate be proper for absolute adventuresome Americans. Well, wringing out the Camaro abiding beats the added man’s “wealthy Corinthian leather” commercials in my e book.

The frequent 1969 Camaro superior adenoids became redesigned right into a delivered arresting V-shape, while Rally Action (RS) fashions (RPO Z22) acquire a brand new oval-shaped grille. The 1969 RS hidden headlight doorways now collect three child slots that each decorate actualization brought acquiesce a few ablaze to make clear through if a malfunction prevents the doors from opening.

Three attenuate Tuxedo RS Camaros endemic by means of Steve Shauger allegorize advanced grille and emblem location differences, from left: centered “RS” grille acclimated with non-SS, non-Z/28 Rally Action trim benefit (this one’s on an acutely rare, COPO 427 RS); account Z/28 badge; and focused “SS” brand. Of absorption is the barring to the RS and SS atramentous grille rule: If the exoteric acrylic blush became Tuxedo Black, the actual grille blush is argent (this barring applies to RS, SS, and RS-SS fashions).

Another attempt of the 327 from Chevy’s Hugger attack (still lacking a advanced grille brand). Chevrolet went out of its way to accessory the 1969 Camaro (road) hugger topic: lean, mean, wide, and occasional. Is the Joe Affected disciplinarian actual, or a model?

In your face and on hand to rumble. One way to evenly analyze a 1969 archetypal from its predecessors: Annular turn-sign/parking lamps arise underneath the bonanza in the lower valence, alms the actualization of foglamps. In ahead years non-RS automobiles get up the lamps on the grille inboard of the headlamps: annular in 1967, ellipsoidal in 1968.

Standard 1969 Camaro grilles had been delivered recessed than 1967 to 1969 models, so the headlights and bezels ashore introduced out, giving the apocalyptic front-stop introduced of a computer virus-eyed monster look. Skinny tires had been the barometer on abject vehicles, with the common 14 x 5.Five-inch automobile shod with E78-14 obvious atramentous tires or opportunity (RPO PK8) whitewalls.

Urban Camaro: V31 superior bonanza guards helped 12,657 1969 Camaros move the ones bound burghal parking spaces. Yes, the everyday grille’s Chevy bowtie adumbration is blue, OK?

Meanwhile, aback at the ranch: Howdy, accomplice, affliction to booty me for a journey? Don’t anticipate one saddle’s considerable for all the ones horses. Or perhaps she’s grimacing due to the fact that saddle won’t healthy in the 1969 Camaro block forth with the added tire. Or maybe he’s bedeviled on the Camaro rather than her. Or perhaps … Aloof deal with your own caption!

Escape to the abandon of the on hand alley in a (cue chorus) Hugger Orange Camaro with a dejected bowtie grille brand. This picture acutely indicates the everyday hood, in most cases collapsed with a centermost appendage line. Alley beatnik attenuate minutiae: In 1969, the centermost hash-marks amid opposing cartage on two-lane American anchorage became nevertheless white, not bird like nowadays (regularly deserted through real cine makers, chicken assortment marks commenced in 1971).

The 1969 Camaro RS trim amalgamation adds a altered oval-fashioned grille it really is about flat, as compared to the arresting V-shape of base, SS, and Z/28 grilles. The appearance bigger integrates with the new body-colored, awning headlamp doors. 1969 RS bales acquire the aforementioned underneath-bumper turn-signal lamps as regular 1969 grilles; in 1967 and 1968 the RS had aboveboard arresting lamps army brought outboard inside the decrease valence.

The clarification in this GM exposure photograph college reads: “Which got here aboriginal … Glasses or headlamp covers?” Besides the beautiful version, it indicates the 1969 RS model’s new headlight door, atramentous grille with RS identification, and “Rally Sport” logo on advanced fender.

On SS fashions, the argent eggcrate superior grille modifications to atramentous with an SS brand replacing the bowtie. Exception: Tuxedo Atramentous SS motors were given a argent grille with SS emblem.

The time-honored awning for 1969 Camaro SS fashions had two animate inserts, anniversary with 4 aboveboard apish countless (often referred to as ice trays). This pink restomod’s avant-garde vehicle and tires are acutely not inventory.

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When a 1969 Camaro SS got here with RS trim—as was the case on all Indy clip automobiles including this one—the “SS” adumbration changed the well-known “RS” adumbration at the RS superior grille.

An available bloodless-air consecration association with a rear-going through awning (RPO ZL2) turned into an advancement over the SS’s frequent ice-cube hood. The advert boys alleged it “Camaro’s new Super Scoop. We without a doubt positioned our basal into it this time.” Added scoops referred to had been big V-8s in SS fashions, the “widest footstep of any sportster at its rate,” massive tires, ability disc brakes, brazier seats, and added autogenous accoutrements.

A ZL2 Super Scoop awning sucked algid air from the abject of the windshield. As set up on the buildup line, it turned into conventional on COPOs and Indy clip cars and alternative on Z/28, SS 350, and SS 396 (basically annihilation with a 4-barrel ought to get a ZL2). This ZL2 awning is on a COPO—word archetypal COPO catlike absence of any agent ID awning badge.

The Z/28 emblem is account in opposition to the disciplinarian side. The two little boxlike knobs aloft the headlight are clearly RPO CE1 headlight washer association nozzles. Activated with the aid of the windshield washer button, all RS bales with their hidden headlights had the washers, however it’s attenuate on non-RS bales like this accepted Z/28; abandoned 116 accredited headlight Camaros were given the CE1 benefit in 1969.

Glenn Stearns of Discovery’s Undercover Billionaire by accident spotted his aboriginal 1969 Camaro Z/28 RS he endemic aback in aerial academy at a contempo good deal and became able to buy aback the now truly good enough automobile. Who says you can’t bethink your youth? Attenuate alternatives accommodate the backward 1969 advanced Endura frame-colored bonanza and the department pass-ram below the ZL2 ducted hood. For extra, bang right here.

Photo by John Gilbert

“We do not gather to finish the horns, exhausted the drums, or say ‘new’ or ‘pronouncing’ or ‘better.’ Camaro speaks for itself. Speak Camaro.” This abbreviate but candied 30-second ad hits you within the intestine with closeups of a Z/28 RS and a difficult-sounding voiceover. It ends with the Z/28’s agent truely talking for itself. Vroom, vroom.

There had been a boundless arrangement of badges, emblems, and stripes handy in 1969; truth are a few of them.

For 1969, a brand with the set up engine’s displacement appears at the superior fenders advanced of the ancillary marker-mild bezel, besides in six-cylinder models (nothing ample to deal with home approximately), the Z/28, and catlike COPO cars. Agenda missing hockey-stick SS stripe; this is either an Indy clip car SS or the buyer ordered a “stripe delete. “

On the Z/28, the superior fender has a “Z/28” emblem instead of the agent displacement.

Z/28s accepting the alternative Super Scoop awning had “302” trademarks on the abandon of the aboriginal animate hood’s bulge. The pleasant advice we gather is Super Scoops ordered with delivered engines did now not approximately backpack awning badges as the displacement became already present on the superior fenders (once more, except for plainclothes COPOs).

All Camaros came with a “Camaro” calligraphy logo and a infant “By Chevrolet” adumbration under, both at the advanced of the awning (as in a position-bodied because the rear deck-lid). This adumbration continuously overlays the anatomy shade, behindhand of whether or not the auto has motion stripes. Agenda the “Z/28” grille adumbration account to disciplinarian facet. Z/28 grilles are argent like abject Camaros. Accepted headlight bezel became argent unless opportunity chrome trim rings were ordered.

Hand-applied hockey-stick striping on superior fenders and doors have been typical on SS (besides clip automobile). Awning and deck-lid action stripes were widely wide-spread on Z/28 and clip vehicle. A Z/28 or SS will be ordered with band delete, but not a clip automobile. If you attending carefully on the zoomed image you could see the alternative chrome headlight trim earrings.

The 1969 Camaro powertrain calendar noticed a almanac in accessible agent alternatives. Chevy presented 14 altered engines at one time or addition over the improvement of the 1969 Camaro’s affiliated accumulation run, along with two instantly-sixes, six small-block V-8s, and 6 big-block V-8s.

The conservatively rated 290-hp 302 small-block within the Z/28 sought after to rev. With the regular three.Seventy three:1 rear arbor ratio, they were affectionate of a slouch out of the hollow; you virtually bare alternative 4.56:1 or four.88:1 equipment and the huge-ratio Muncie M20 4-pace’s 2.Fifty two:1 low accent to get with this system. 14-inch open-detail air cleaners got here established on Z/28s and added high-perf cars.

Rated at 780 to 800 cfm (depending on who you agree with), Holley vacuum-secondary 4150 four-barrel carbs on dual-aircraft high-upward thrust assimilation manifolds were acclimated at the Z/28 302/390 hp, SS 396/375 hp, and COPO 427/425 hp. Account cardinal and association diverse through engine, however this Z/28 has its aboriginal (no longer account replacement) Holley, GM PN 3923289/Holley 4053, ID cipher “DZ”—which is the aforementioned as the 1969 302 agent code. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Engine improvements for 1969 on Z/28 engines included beyond capital and rod journals, four-bolt capital caps at the centermost 3 journals, and 3/eight-inch rod bolts that replaced the eleven/32-inch bolts acclimated with small-journal rods.

A conventional Z/28 gain become ZL2 bloodless-air induction, which fed the agent algid alfresco air thru a aback adverse Super Scoop. Agenda the annular agent within the abject of the awning that seals to a elastic area approximately the air cleanser.

An over-the-counter kit turned into this altered go-ram assimilation with 600-cfm Holley double-pumper carbs (GM 3957859/Holley 4295). An incorrect burghal fantasy claims the deploy package with assimilation was covered aside in the block for people who ordered the altered choice—but there may be no RPO for this chase package. Yet addition backward Sixties GM edict: No multicarb accumulation carbs allowed—except for Corvette.

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The pass-ram normally commutual with a altered fiberglass bloodless-air awning that acclimated an oval-shaped agent and analogous air cleaner in homestead of the annular aperture inside the animate awning acclimated with distinct four-barrels. Agenda the passenger-aspect anchor booster ambuscade abaft the air purifier, no billow pump, and oil-filler tube on the assimilation in this old GM photo: It can be a improvement car for an consign model, but abundant recommendation is absent in the mists of history.

Emission requirements were aloof starting to tighten. For 1969, all 302 engines in all 50 states had an Air Bang Reaction association (aka AIR gadget, or billow pump). The pump turned into at the commuter ancillary underneath the relocated alternator on 1969’s new babbler baptize pump accent pressure device. Note, too, the Z/28’s deep-groove pulleys.

All 1969 302s alien with log-fashion bankrupt manifolds set up for the AIR pump and diverter valve. For 1969 accumulation motors, the oil accompaniment cap is now at the disciplinarian ancillary valve awning rather than aloft an intake-installed accompaniment tube.

In 1969 air con (RPO C60), apparent actuality on an SS 350 Indy clip vehicle, become alternative on any agent with hydraulic lifters. A/C wasn’t on hand with mechanical-lifter engines, which include 302 Z/28, 396/375-hp L78, and COPO 427s.

The four reliable 1969 Camaro 396 huge-block options have been the L34 (325 hp), L35 (350 hp), L78 (375 hp, adamant heads), and L89 (375 hp with aluminum heads). The L34 and (shown) L35 had hydraulic cams, Quadrajet carbs, and oval-port solid iron heads.

This 396/350-hp comminute has a ZL2 algid air hood. The Super Scooper changed into opportunity with any 396, whether or not Holley or Quadrajet 4MV ready.

Notorious alveolate bankrupt (RPO NC8) for SS and Z/28 Camaros had familiar double-wall aqueduct as opposed to conventional mufflers. The perforated close aqueduct agitated bankrupt gases; the alien aqueduct was coiled assimilate assorted breadth sections to clarify out altered complete frequencies. Too loud for some blah states, aback proprietors started out accepting tickets GM canceled it in June 1969. This is Gardner Exhaust’s repro of the small-block model.

Photo via Gardner Exhaust

The 375hp L78 had sufficient rectangular-port heads, a strong-lifter computerized cam, and a Holley carb. The L89 benefit changed into a added gain that commissioned closed-chamber aluminum active on an contrarily agnate L78 quick-block (each RPOs L78 and L89 fee be ordered to get the admixture heads). Actual Holley carb for both chiral and automated 396/375 hp (as capable-bodied as COPO 427/425 hp) turned into GM 3959164/Holley 4346, ID “GE. “

COPO (primary appointment accumulation order) alternatives accustomed the ones in the apperceive to big-order 1969 Camaros with 427 big-blocks. This is a balmy $489.Forty five, 425-hp L72 427, COPO 9561, essentially a massive-inch variation of the 11:1 L78 396 with massive-port solid iron active and artery computerized cam. As a few had been Yenko, Berger, and introduced banker conversions, there is no legitimate accumulation numbers, but apparently amid 800 to 1,000 units general. Authentic banker COPO about-face are advised authentic by Camaro creditors.

Rarest of the uncommon: COPO 9560 got you an ultralight all-aluminum ZL1 427 large-block. To collect wannabes from affairs it, ZL1s had been rated at 430 hp, but in reality fabricated over 550 hp with headers and a acceptable song, acknowledgment to twelve:1 compression, aluminum open-chamber heads, a big antagonism stable cam, and an aboriginal 850-cfm Holley double-pumper carb. A ZL1 delivered $4,a hundred and sixty (!) to a abject Camaro’s about $3,000 decal rate. The banal AIR bang association (smog pump) is MIA on this image.

Photo by means of David Quigley / Wikipedia / CC 2.Zero License

GM adorning ZL1: Originally advised for 1969 Corvettes (notice driver-side alternator and short-water pump in this situation), nice concluded up in COPO Camaros. Abandoned two actual Corvette ZL1 GM-constructed automobiles exist. The 855-cfm vacuum-secondary carb apparent fact turned into changed via an 850-cfm double-pumper on accumulation examples.

This is the real 1969 Camaro ZL1 accession complete with motive force-facet alternator, billow pump beneath the alternator, and the aboriginal bankrupt manifolds with ports to gather the billow pump tubes. Not without a doubt counseled for artery using, a 12:1 ZL1 requires 103 (research) octane gas; the fine pump fuel of the time become rated at 102. GM fabricated abandoned sixty nine COPO ZL1 Camaros (weirdly, that cardinal matches the archetypal 12 months). Coincidence—or conspiracy?

A absolute 1969 850-cfm bifold plumper (Holley 4296/GM 3955205) appropriately calibrated for 1969 L88 and ZL1 engines. The association and alien actualization are altered than present day 850. This refurbished aboriginal became obvious on eBay. Agenda altered throttle-linkage and attendance of GM PN, Holley account number, and date cipher on airhorn.

Photo by eBay

The 4296 had archetypal backward Nineteen Sixties Chevy afar asphyxiate bond and pull-off, even though the rod to the assimilation wasn’t absorbed up on the factory. Agenda child accessory 30-cfm accelerator pump (in preference to adequate 50cc pump acclimated on cutting-edge 850′). Holley reproduced the 4296 about 15 years ago, and a few resto garb like Archetypal Industries still accumulate new repro inventory.

Photo through eBay

The excessive-upward thrust aluminum assimilation on a absolute manufacturing facility-constructed L88 and ZL1 had a reduce-down adequateness for larger excessive-rpm performance. The 4296 had aggregate-distribution tabs at the booster venturis to recommendation breach aggregate-distribution problems with the cut-down plenum. These carbs had been moreover stagger-jetted.

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For 1969 and depending at the engine, there was a high-quality of four automatics—-pace Powerglide, semiautomatic MB1 Torque-Drive (six cylinders best), three-pace TH350, or able TH400 3-velocity. In chiral transmissions, there have been a column-shifted 3 velocity, a ground-shifted able three velocity, a Saginaw four-speed, M20 wide- and M21 near-ratio Muncie four-speeds, and the last M22 Muncie capable four-speed “rock-crusher.” Not all engines were handy with all transmissions; for instance, the Powerglide and Saginaws have been normally factory-established on the decrease-overall performance models.

As for rearends, there had been 8.25-inch 10-bolts and eight.75-inch 12-bolts. For the 10-bolt, 2.56:1 through three.55:1 apparatus were to be had; for the 12-bolt, 2.Fifty six:1 thru five.13:1 may be had, either set up on the buildup band or by way of the provider, relying on agent RPO (a provider or case change capacity be bare relying on the absolute accessory arrangement towards the new ratio). There had been each handy and restrained-slip (Positraction) cases. Positraction (RPO G80) was binding with 4.10:1 or numerically college ratios on all 1969 Camaros. Positraction become opportunity on a Z/28 with three.Seventy three:1 equipment but suitable on mixture overseas with 3.73:1 gears. Go discern.

Highlights for 1969 Camaros accommodate the aboriginal side-terminal batteries, which were alien midyear. The aboriginal avant-garde alternator with basal regulator additionally have become optionally available: Aloof 224 Camaros accustomed the brand new 10SI sixty three-amp alternators below RPO K85. Absolutely aback this passed off is a quantity of discussion. Initial availability may additionally acquire depended on agent pleasant and accumulation bulb (Van Nuys or Norwood).

Side-terminal batteries began to rise up in backward April or aboriginal May 1969. Beforehand 1969 Camaro batteries had been all pinnacle-terminals. 1969 aspect-terminal batteries acclimated a 3/eight-inch bolt for the absolute terminal and a five/16-inch bolt for the abrogating terminal in preference to the afterwards 3/eight-inch bolt on each terminals. Repro cables use all -inch bolts oops! This is an genuine Y77 aspect-terminal array on a late-manufacturing Z/28 (nine/three/69 anatomy date).

The established Delcotron alternator on 1969 Z/28’s become still aloof 37 amps and evidently adapted (how times collect modified). This is addition absolute McCoy with a 9J8 anatomy date, which decodes as follows: 9 for 1969; J for September (GM skipped the letter “I” to abstain abashing with the cardinal “1”); eight for the 8th day of the month.

This GM look affectation “of sectioned” (hah!) of two-half of Camaros (or thereabouts) indicates an SS/RS 350 motion automobile advanced region (left foreground), a abject forms with a straight-six (right foreground) and a axial cab (rear). Both automobiles are shod with the attenuate Magnum 500-like Super Action wheels, however the SS car lacks the actual SS centermost caps. Is that the aforementioned architect obvious alive on the consign Z/28 go-ram car similarly photograph, or do all 1969 nerds attending the identical?

Muncie 4-velocity transmissions in 1969 Camaros all accumulate a Hurst shifter, floor-mounted as apparent fact or valuable the alternative console.

The 12-bolt rearend and multileaf springs out of Grady Burch’s 1969 COPO Camaro capacity recuperation. According to HOT ROD’s commodity on the car, the aboriginal rearend akin has the real COPO “BE” cipher and still consists of the real four.10:1 apparatus and Positraction unit. Although acutely now not stock, the Lakewood absorption confined are length-correct for abounding annoyance automobiles in 1969 and 1970.

Photo through Mike Angelo

According to ardent Camaro beneficiary Bob Mehlhoff, 1969 Z/28 Camaros came with 4 blade springs as proven, an SS 396 had five, and bread-and-butter cars acclimated monoleafs.

Exceedingly uncommon, the RPO N66 caster is arresting in several Chevy Camaro SS ads on this commodity if you attending closely. This image shows a Caster Ventiques all-encompassing SS reproduction wheel. According to the Camaro Analysis Group (CRG), the SS-unique caster was canceled for 1969 Camaros on January 8, 1969 afterwards accouterment aloof 314 vehicles.

Photo with the aid of Caster Ventiques

Base 1969 Camaros had growth brakes in any respect 4 corners. Z/28s and SS cars got here everyday with advanced discs/rear drums, however they can be delivered to any Camaro as RPO J52. Pulling out all the stops, there has been the RPO JL8 4-wheel disc brakes, seemingly an opportunity development for any Camaro—but actual uncommon: Aloof 206 JL8-ready Camaros have been assembly-line produced, and abandoned amid February and May 1969.

The 1969 Camaro J52 superior disc/rear growth capacity anchor amalgamation blanketed—for the aboriginal time—single-piston amphibian calipers up advanced that have been delivered dependable than the four-piston structure acclimated on 1967 and 1968 Camaros. Boom and disc brakes crave altered council duke aback utility department components.

A attenuate JL8 four-wheel disc anchor advantage introduced large Corvette-like four-piston calipers to all four wheels, the aboriginal time 4-wheel discs had been manufacturing facility-set up on a Camaro. Rotor bore was eleven.Seventy five inches, as compared to 11 inches for the regularly occurring J52 superior discs.

RPO JL8 brakes were genuinely ‘Vette-style rear calipers installed at all 4 corners due to wheel/tire approval troubles. The suitable 12-bolt rearend acclimated with JL8 brakes turned into infrequently narrower than widespread Camaro 12-bolts.

For abounding years you can buy a JL8 about-face kit from the banker in case your car wasn’t fine plentiful to collect the big brakes set up stock. Although well-known on a Z28, 15 x 7 car were appropriate for approval on akin the first-class basal Camaros aback JL8 turned into targeted.

JL8 four-wheel disc brakes had no proportioning valve stock, aloof a massive administration block (A). According to resto guy Bob Mehlhoff, the oval-formed chook sticker at the council field awning (B) designates the Z/28 RPO N44 short variable-ratio energy-steerage field with a 17.Nine:1 all-embracing ratio, 2.25 turns lock-to-lock.

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For 1969, three altered autogenous trim ranges were available: a accepted or abject interior, a appropriate autogenous trim (RPO Z23), and a pinnacle-line custom autogenous (RPO Z87, includes Z23). 1969 became the aboriginal year aback (as allowable by federal warranty standards) arch helps became common equipment. No 1969 Camaros had financial institution seats.

A Z87 pinnacle-line custom autogenous with the woodgrain accents, flush trim, and ablaze accents. It additionally consists of alternative black-and-white houndstooth bolt bench inserts, a four-speed Hurst shifter-cope with in the opportunity console, and console-established abetting barometer cluster. The council caster rim awning is an consumer add-on. GM careworn the agitation about-face from the equipment animate to the council cavalcade in 1969.

Although satisfactory automobiles that selected houndstooth autonomous for a atramentous interior, it became moreover accessible with ivory, yellow, and (for Indy clip motors) orange upholstery. This attenuate actually proper fowl version changed into spotted in an aboriginal COPO 427 Camaro, authoritative it doubly uncommon, maybe one in every of a type.

Indy clip automobiles all had absolute Hugger Orange upholstery with orange houndstooth seats. The opportunity council caster in this picture has a synthetic rim and timber-grained synthetic faceplate to bout the timber-grained apparatus animate accents.

This is what the disciplinarian sees sitting in a 1969 Camaro Indy clip vehicle reproduction. Absolutely loaded, this automobile has the automobile car console, animate barometer cluster, big tachometer, and N34 teakwood caster with brushed metal three-spoke centermost and Chevrolet bowtie horn-button cap.

On this automobile with an contrarily widespread indoors, the opportunity teakwood N34 council caster mounts on an opportunity N33 perspective council column. 6,575 1969 Camaros had been congenital with the attitude column; 6,883 with the woodgrain wheel. Council cavalcade blush always fits the equipment animate colour.

All Camaros with a three-speed computerized car came with the animate and stirrup-grip shifter. Some -velocity automatics on a few models have been nonetheless column-shifted in 1969.

The aforementioned four-speed shifter turned into on hand with or afterwards a console. In 1969, all Muncie transmissions acclimated a Hurst shifter. The approximately-face arrangement turned into on a atramentous bulge afterwards a console. With a console, a obvious white bulge became acclimated with the arrangement displayed on a infant animate applique abutting to the shifter.

The regular interior’s vinyl-blanketed time table aperture panels had abstracted bedlam armrests (proven). The armrests had been integrally molded into the panels with custom interiors. This automobile moreover has the opportunity RPO D33 far flung-managed left-hand sideview replicate.

For the 1969 Camaro, barometer combinations about breach bottomward as follows:

The three-pod equipment animate with tach but afterwards animate had the ammunition barometer in the centermost pod as shown. With both tach and console, there’d be an on hand alternative alarm for the centermost pod or abroad a block-off plate. The abject array without a tach had the alarm in the centermost and a behemothic ammunition barometer at the right, forth with idiot lighting at the lowest. Dig the blooming barometer IP illumination.

Nearly all 1969 Camaros (base, Z/28, and SS) got here with a 120-mph speedometer. This Z/28’s speedo moreover has the RPO U15 acceleration admonishing indicator (the white needle). Set the irritate to the adapted velocity, which brought about a buzzer aback the car carried out the setpoint. (Then aloof acclimatize that disturbing bigmouth worsen better!) Cruise ascendancy wasn’t available on 1969 Camaros (it become presented in 1967 and 1968).

A tach became elective, no longer preferred, on 1969 Z/28s till mid-1969. According to Camaro Analysis Group (camaros.Org) Z/28 tachometer redlines three times at some stage in 1969: hen 6,000 rpm/purple 7,000 rpm from accumulation alpha thru January to February 1969, chicken 6,000/purple eight,000 (shown) phasing in January to February, and fowl 6,500/crimson 8,000 on real backward accumulation models. For a 396, 375-hp L78: 6,000-rpm yellow/7,000-rpm pink.

The aboriginal COPO 427s failed to accumulate a department tach till afterwards accumulation batches. Banal department tachs had been really apathetic at redline. Yenko Chevrolet might bolt on a added genuine aftermarket tach afterwards dedication (or on a 427 centralized conversion). Afterwards a console, Yenko established aftermarket gauges aloft the glovebox. Additionally time table the abject vinyl seats and abject council caster with atramentous plastic, pebble-grain faceplate.

The console-established barometer array (RPO U17) included gasoline, oil stress, ammeter, and temperature gauges, but you had to booty your eyes off the alley to recognize it.

All 1969 Camaros radios have been the archetypal pushbutton style. 206,598 had been obvious AM (RPO U63); this Z/28 has a nearly attenuate (simply 8,271 units) U69 AM/FM radio. The regularly occurring apostle for each mounts in a dashtop grille. You should add a rear amalgamation shelf apostle with RPO U80 (26,862 built). The top radio changed into the U79 stereo AM/FM (2,359 devices), with two kick-panel speakers and an amplifier in the birr (however no rear speaker). Radios have been optional, so now not acclimation a radio were given you a stripper afterwards a radio.

There had been 6,259 Camaros congenital with the U57 stereo eight-song band participant. Normally, this standalone beginner anchored aloft the animate lid as proven, or—if it changed into a no-console construct—changed into absorbed to the equipment animate underside. If the AM/FM pushbutton radio U69 and the U57 eight-music were both ordered, the Camaro comes with four audio system: two up advanced inside the bang panels, in the rear amalgamation tray.

This advance in a GM alternatives advertisement showcases the RPO U46 Vigilite ablaze ecology machine, which acclimated fiberoptic cables affiliated to the superior and rear lights to acquaint the disciplinarian if the lighting fixtures have been alive properly. All Corvettes had ablaze ecology from 1968 via 1972, but it was alternative (and uncommon) on a few introduced GM motors, inclusive of the 1968 and 1969 Camaro.

How attenuate became U46? Aloof 1,755 1968 Camaros and 1,450 1969 Camaros got the U46 bundle. The Corvette had a ablaze adviser animate within the console’s shifter plate, however the cheaper Camaro acclimated three alien gadgets: one anniversary on the left- and proper-hand fender acme for the superior lighting fixtures and one under the rear window that might be empiric thru the rearview reflect. We spotted this assemblage on eBay.

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On 1969 Camaros, the ammunition barometer moves from the centermost rear animate amid the rear lights to abaft a fold-down authorization bowl body. Redesigned sawtooth-like rear lights accommodate a child development ablaze animate in the centermost on familiar trim motors. RS trim actions the rear lights below the bonanza and bisects the taillights with an brought accumbent allotment of chrome trim.

On commonplace 1969 Camaros and COPOs, a frame-colored taillight animate has a targeted dejected Chevrolet bowtie symbol. Off-white or atramentous vinyl roofs were an available gain on any car version. There had been additionally two-tone acrylic treatments to bout or adverse with the capital anatomy colour, as able-bodied as allegory rocker-panel/frame-sill colours on some fashions.

Z/28 1969 Camaros modify the bowtie with the “Z/28” badge. As an apparent alley racer, all Z/28s got here with sufficient rear bonanza guards for blame a adjourned vehicle off the track, however they were optionally on hand on any Camaro under RPO V32. Added tires had been generally the aforementioned admeasurement and achieve as the mounted wheels. Z/28s fine often came with E70-15 nylon tires on either 15 x 6 (early 1969) or 15 x 7 (midyear and later) Rally wheels.

1969 SS Camaros had an “SS” brand at the taillight panel. On SS 350 cars the animate become anatomy colored. SS automobiles with 396 engines got here with a glassy atramentous animate as proven, with exceptions: (1) if the all-embracing anatomy blush became Tuxedo Black, that acrylic was additionally acclimated at the rear panel; (2) Indy clip cars have been all white, akin with the 396.

This Z/28 is able with the familiar 1969 3-segment rear taillight for all Camaros afterwards the RS option. They’re amidst via a chrome bezel. Small, ellipsoidal straight forward advancement lamps are inset into the centermost of the taillight accumulation on non-RS fashions as proven.

Camaro 1969 Indy clip vehicles had SS RS trim, but with several deviations: Akin if 396-ready, the rear SS animate become still anatomy coloration; akin admitting it wasn’t a Z/28, it still had motion stripes. As an RS, the taillamps are bisected angular with added chrome trim and the development lamps underneath the superior bumper. A apparent RS (non-SS or non-Z/28) might get an “RS” logo in lieu of a an “SS” or “Z/28” badge.

On branch Z/28 movement stripes, the real stripes move over the rear spoiler, no longer underneath it. The superior air dam and rear addle-mind amalgamation (RPO D80) wasn’t generic on any 1969 Camaro except for all Indy clip motors and late-manufacturing Z/28s. Except for aboriginal 1969, which acclimated added 1968 rear spoilers, 1969 rear spoilers had been rarely taller and wider. With a spoiler, the block Camaro adumbration moves hardly advanced for clearance.

Late Norwood-built 1969 Camaros beginning with VIN NR44001 acquire a brand new exoteric trim cipher band on the Fisher anatomy trim bowl absorbed to the driver-side firewall that provides a few aberrant agent and archetypal clues that weren’t protected on Chevy 1969 VIN tags. For example, the “X77” on this backward 1969 Camaro congenital at Norwood IDs it as a abject Z/28. No Van Nuys or aboriginal to midyear Norwood motors accumulate this exoteric trim line.

The “Z11” callout in this backward accumulation 1969 Camaro congenital at Norwood shows it to be an Indy clip vehicle convertible. Chevy failed to alarm out particular engines in the agent identification cardinal (VIN) afore 1972, abandoned appropriate amid a automobile or a convertible; a straight-six or a V-eight (it is able to be any V-eight)—so the introduced band at Norwood can advice restorers aught in on a 1969 Camaro’s correct trim, style, and pedigree.

[205-1969-Camaro-ad-word-or-two-to-competition-you-lose. NOTE: This is an aboriginal GM ad. Both JPG and PDF versions acquire been uploaded. If archetype is not clear at accustomed Web-size, amuse accommodate the added option: Download full-size adaptation as a PDF].

“A chat or two to the opposition: You lose.” Chevrolet touts the 1969 Camaro advancing out on top over all brought adventurous automobiles as alleged in a above automotive anniversary annual clairvoyant ballot . “All we apperceive is that the antagonism is not in the aforementioned ballpark. Putting you aboriginal maintains us first.” Yay, Hugger Orange afresh on the Hugger.

This commodity nearly scratches the apparent on 1969 Camaro RPOs, COPOs, and trim codes, yet deserted the blow of the primary-gen years! If you urge for food akin delivered specifics on 1967 to 1969 first-gen Camaros, including around each choice, pix of the altered options, accumulation numbers with the aid of alternative, and edition of the VIN tag, trim plate, Protect-O-Plate warranty bowl (if you did not lose it), and agent codes, analysis out Jason Scott’s Aboriginal Chevrolet Camaro 1967 – 1969 (ISBN 978-zero-7603-6590-8). Paul Zazarine’s Camaro Exposed, 1967 – 1969 (ISBN 978-zero-8376-0876-1) is brimming of principal recommendation at the architecture and accumulation of the primary-gen automobiles. For instance, who knew there has been one absolute Z/28 convertible built? Apprehend Zazarine’s ebook to acquisition out who it become (trace: It wasn’t Joe Average). A real ideal first-gen Camaro hardcore actuality website is Camaros.Org (aka CRG or Camaro Analysis Group) which has some precious evaluation papers, abstruse articles, advantage and trim availability lists, and appointment discussions accoutrement altered drivetrain combos and anatomy trim.

Camaro Analysis Group (CRG); Camaros.Org

Classic Industries; Huntington Beach, CA; 800.854.1280 ext. 5210 (orders) or 714.847.6887; ClassicIndustries.Com

eBay Inc.; San Jose, CA; 866.540.3229; eBay.Com

Gardner Bankrupt Systems; Red Hook, NY; 845.758.8003; Gardnerexhaust.Com

Wheel Vintiques; Burghal of Industry, CA; 800.959.2100; WheelVintiques.Com

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