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READER COMMENTS ON”Manning Sentenced to 35 Years Afterwards Obama’s Broken Promise to Whistleblowers”(27 Responses thus far…)

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COMMENT #1 [Permalink]… Marzi said on eight/21/2013 @ 1:43 pm PT…

The NY Times can on my own alarm the ballsy Bradley a leaker as if he had been amoral and they can not use the in a position appellation whistleblower. Snowden to them is additionally a leaker. If you attending at the Times and added affidavit on the time of Ellsburg, you’ll see ample brought abutment and account that’s why he by no means was abject or went to jail. The cool crooks are not any exceptional agreeable to cull strings and achieve crimes of presidency in private, they now urge for food all people to be as and faulty in joie de fiver as they’re.

COMMENT #2 [Permalink]… Brandt Hardin (@DREGstudios) stated on 8/21/2013 @ 2:15 pm PT…

COMMENT #3 [Permalink]… Dredd stated on eight/21/2013 @ 4:04 pm PT…

Power corrupts, such as Admiral Obama.

COMMENT #four [Permalink]… Soul Rebel said on 8/21/2013 @ 7:10 pm PT…

Brad – as a long way as I can inform, the aboriginal articulation : US Government’s incapacity : does now not articulation to a page. (404 folio no longer located)


COMMENT #five [Permalink]… Kenneth Fingeret said on eight/21/2013 @ 7:12 pm PT…

Hello Brad Friedman,

As easy as I can accomplish it. Admiral Obama speaks with a “forked tongue”. He additionally lies like a “rug”!

COMMENT #6 [Permalink]… Brad Friedman said on 8/21/2013 @ 8:06 pm PT…

Soul Rebel @ four:

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Gracias! Fixed.

COMMENT #7 [Permalink]… Ernest A. Canning stated on eight/22/2013 @ 7:23 am PT…

As a attestation to how a long way bottomward the Orwellian aerial aperture the MSM has traveled, Los Angeles Times, in a superior folio “information” article, declared Manning’s 35 yr ebook because the artefact of “leniency.”

COMMENT #eight [Permalink]… Steve said on 8/22/2013 @ eight:32 am PT…

Bradley absolution seven-hundred,000 abstracts and documents afterwards abundant of a look at what they had been. The factor that a child allotment of them (less than 1%) capacity be given able as bigmouth cachet does not change the cachet of the blow of them. Appear on, permit’s be actual. He aloof dumped them to dump them and LATER sufficient out his alibi might be whistleblower. Had he fabricated some accomplishment to adapt the abstracts and documents to acquisition the subset that have been capable and stand up aloof the ones, I might consider, as abounding of you do, that he is a bigmouth to be included. But he didn’t. He wasn’t cerebration that way until afterwards the fact.

COMMENT #nine [Permalink]… Ancient said on 8/22/2013 @ eight:48 am PT…

Godspeed to Chelsea Manning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

COMMENT #10 [Permalink]… Ernest A. Canning said on 8/22/2013 @ 12:21 pm PT…

Back to your court docket, Mr. President.

Manning Seeks Presidential Absolution for 35-Year Bastille Term

Attorney David Coombs arise this account from his purchaser:

I accept that my accomplishments abandoned the regulation. I discomfort if my accomplishments aching everybody or afflicted the USA. It was by no means my absorbed to aching everybody. I by myself capital to recommendation humans. Back I chose to acknowledge classified records, I did so out of a adulation for my united states of america and a school of assignment to others. If you abjure my enchantment for a pardon, I will serve my time alive that from time to time you accept to pay a abundant bulk to alive in a chargeless society.

Oh, and re Steve @eight: Manning arise the abstracts to WikiLeaks, which, till it became the ambition of a adamant advertising and marketing battery as a aftereffect of its absolution of the accent annihilation video, turned into fashionable with the aid of those in authorities as a amenable account organisation.

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WikiLeaks has, in the course of, taken plentiful agony on what it has stand up and why.

BTW, the 35 yr ebook turned into, with the aid of a long way, the longest anytime imposed on a whistleblower.

There is not any artifice the actuality that the abstracts publicized so far as the aftereffect of what Manning (a) abatement in a position-bodied aural the analogue of the bigmouth statute; (b) did now not vicinity, at chance, the hobby of a awesome American soldier, (c) served to betrayal crimes dedicated by our government which claims to be acting in our names, and (d) ashamed people who could undertake to accumulate their bedraggled secrets hidden.

COMMENT #eleven [Permalink]… Arias said on eight/22/2013 @ 11:forty seven pm PT…

[email protected],

So I anamnesis aftermost ages you accepting in an in abyss agitation with Brad in such a animadversion accoutrement about Obama and whether his intentions had approximately his get entry to to the aegis accompaniment aback election. You had argued that he changed into a seasoned-security militarist all forth place Brad had argued, IIRC, that it would be difficult to expect such rationale.

Since afresh the Guardian did its appointment as I’m abiding you’ve got visible, by way of documenting his history as a agent as he sponsored a bulk of bills and measures to accompany added accuracy and responsibility to government while Bush become still president. In ablaze of this I’m analytical whether or not you absorb you aforementioned stance, and if so, the way you boldness them along with his reachable almanac as agent adjoin this backdrop?

COMMENT #12 [Permalink]… Floridiot said on eight/23/2013 @ 5:27 am PT…

One street that Chelsea capability pass is to deal with the bastille to admission a sex change operation afresh anon address it to Faux News. The uproar could advice get a absolution likely? Oldbama’s decisions appears to be guided by way of Fox’s insannity.

COMMENT #13 [Permalink]… Floridiot said on eight/23/2013 @ 6:10 am PT…

Nevermind, the bounded account aloof protected it here.The bastille arrangement by myself lets in for remedy, now not operations.

COMMENT #14 [Permalink]… Lora stated on eight/23/2013 @ 10:forty one am PT…

Meet the brand new boss… (no longer new anymore surely, aloof almost talking)

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I captivated out pleasant for Obama’s ethical ambit than abounding did…Just aboveboard formidable questioning, I bet.

COMMENT #15 [Permalink]… Ancient stated on 8/25/2013 @ eight:02 am PT…

Don’t dispare Lora, as this done planet continues to calefaction up and the aggressive and baron receive to eggmitt their absurdity in any respect of our peril he may yet do commodity real. He has accouchement too, and cipher gets out of truth alive!

COMMENT #16 [Permalink]… Irwin Mainway stated on eight/25/2013 @ 8:forty one am PT…

Certain our bodies had been absolute captious approximately the use of abomination too approximately used. Abomination can by myself be a allegation if the u . S . A . Is at War.

Ms. Manning get up the strafing video in 2010 and the War concluded in December 2011.

He-she is a frigging TRAITOR that positioned squaddies lives at chance. A wonderful ammo accursed at a U.S. Soldier because of this baseborn video is one ammo too many. Unfortunately the affiliation of Baghdad bootless to e mail the U.S. Army their exact motivations for slicing so Legal Proof was lacking.

Doesn’t absolve the abusage at the aboriginal apprehension vicinity, however the e-book suits.

COMMENT #17 [Permalink]… David Lasagna said on 8/25/2013 @ 10:46 am PT…

Irwin Mainway,

You rise up to be a lover of authority and of empire’s lies. NO ONE has been apparent to be aching by using Manning’s releases. Our own government has said as plenty. On the delivered hand, struggle crimes and brought outrages take delivery of been uncovered. We all take delivery of our priorities. Yours be given clear.

You reputedly expect Daniel Ellsberg was treasonous, additionally.

How’s it experience to be a fine of the overdog? A apostle of liars, lawbreakers, and bullies?

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COMMENT #18 [Permalink]… Brad Friedman stated on eight/25/2013 @ 11:08 am PT…

Irwin Mainway @ 16:

Just so I’m vivid here, Irwin, you’re adage that Manning’s absolution to the media of video confirmation of a struggle abomination — U.S. Troops murdering civilians and journalists who airish no blackmail to them (and afresh badinage about it later on) — changed into “treason”? You are adage that it became completed to resource and suggest the enemy, in live performance with the enemy?! Alike admitting he became acquitted of appropriate the enemy, and alike admitting the government turned into clumsy to authenticate any abuse to all of us because of that release?


And, on the aforementioned time, you are arguing that battle crimes ought to no longer be found out, because engaging in so might “positioned soldiers lives at chance”? Really? That’s what you are activity with?

Those who committed the Nazis at Nuremberg accepted a agnate aegis of their war crimes as nicely. It failed to cross over any bigger than your altercation aloof has. Aloof FYI.

COMMENT #19 [Permalink]… Ancient said on 8/25/2013 @ 2:31 pm PT…

COMMENT #20 [Permalink]… Steve Snyder aka WingnutSteve stated on 8/25/2013 @ 10:06 pm PT…

Against my larger judgement I’ll comment. Ignoring the hyperbole of evaluating this to Nuremberg and that kinda particles there are numerous statistics which apply.

First, the United States competitive has a bigmouth hotline with an absolute aggregation of our bodies committed to investigating claims and captivation our bodies accountable for embodied misdeeds. Manning ought to receive taken that alternative. An E-1 authoritative a bigmouth deal with in the competitive has brought capacity than his CO as persevered as the address is legitimate. He selected no longer to booty that pastime with categorized material, he is not a whistleblower.

Second, the aggressive wishes to simply accept secrets, a truth a good way to usually be absent on abounding at bradblog. This is how you acquire operations and cadre as secure as feasible.

Third, Manning didn’t aloof absolution a video. He get up accoutrements of abstruse files. Abundant like the abstracts he arise had been classified, the twist of fate affairs and changes fabricated were classified as nicely. The claims that it didn’t aching each person may or may not be genuine. But you can guess that the man-hours spent traumatic to actuate the coincidence he did, and the adjustments appropriate to moves of troops and so forth. Have been certainly highly-priced. And abounding of these modifications apparently useless. But you receive to just accept the worst.

Fourth, the competitive wishes to warranty the our bodies who are buried to secrets that they will chase their adjuration and accumulate the ones secrets and techniques secure. An operations expert who makes a decision, primarily based on political ideology, to absolution those secrets to a “journalist” for the apple to see can’t happen. It does not bulk on bit if every body changed into aching or no longer, or if missions were compromised or no longer. An archetype bare to be fabricated to absolutely everyone complicated in intelligence, abnormally in the course of a time of conflict, which you are not the adjudicator and jury, you cannot actuate based on credo what is suitable and incorrect, and adjudge to column what you disagree with to fb or any delivered website. Manning got off smooth.

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I’m off my soapbox, abide with the particles and simply extraneous hyperbole.

COMMENT #21 [Permalink]… Brad Friedman said on 8/26/2013 @ 3:21 am PT…

WingnutSteve exchange to say @ 20:

I’m off my soapbox, abide with the debris and really extraneous hyperbole.

Speaking of “absolutely extraneous hyperbole”…

the competitive wishes to accept secrets, a actuality if you want to veritably be absent on abounding at bradblog.

It seems shiny that you abhorrence your self, and your existence, Steve, but do you fee to cull bits sincerely from your ass to recommendation you attempt to accomplish your factor adjoin our bodies you disagree with, none of whom I apperceive accept anytime alike accidentally appropriate annihilation like what you aloof stated?

But you may wager that the man-hours spent stressful to actuate the accident he did, and the adjustments suitable to movements of troops and many others. Have been truly highly-priced.

“Movements of troops”? What did Manning absolution that had annihilation to do with “motion of troops”? (Answer: Nothing, aback he arise no “top secret” statistics, and from what I understand, troop movement might be classified as such. I’m blessed to angle tailored if you be given confirmation to aback up your announcement, but, in any other case, amuse see “pulling reality out of ass” acceptance above.)

An operations professional who decides, primarily based on political ideology, to absolution the ones secrets and techniques to a “journalist” for the apple to look cannot take place.

What “political ideology” are you apropos to?

Manning got off smooth.

“Easy”? Manning accustomed a high-quality e book than alike spies who awash secrets and techniques to absolute enemies. How does that bulk to “got off easy” in Wingnut Land? (Or we aback to “pulling actuality out of ass” and “hyperbole” again?)

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COMMENT #22 [Permalink]… Dredd said on 8/26/2013 @ 6:18 am PT…

There are affidavit the 1% in like minded do no longer urge for food assertive matters recognized:

… Throughout his canicule as a 4-superstar wellknown, he changed into already escorted via 28 badge bikes as he catholic from his Central Command deal with in Tampa to socialite Jill Kelley’s homestead …

The commanders who improve the country’s competitive casework and people who toddler-sit down troops approximately the apple adore an association of allowances befitting a billionaire, which include controlling jets, deluxe homes, drivers, aegis guards and aides to backpack their luggage, columnist their uniforms and clue their schedules in 10-minute increments. Their aliment is able with the aid of connoisseur chefs. If they appetite tune with their dinner party events, their retailers can arouse a twine quartet or a choir.

The aristocratic bounded commanders who administer over sufficient swaths of the planet don’t receive to acquire for Gulfstream V jets. They anniversary be given a C-40, the competitive agnate of a Boeing 737 …

(American Feudalism, commendation Washington Post). Manning permit a number of it out so the vassals beatific their bulletin to the serfs.

COMMENT #23 [Permalink]… David Lasagna stated on 8/26/2013 @ 8:39 am PT…

Steve Snyder,

War crimes aren’t hyperbole. If you urge for food to either abutment or about-face a darkish eye to battle crimes cuz you do not apperception them lower back devoted with the aid of your side, it really is your hypocritical commercial enterprise. If you don’t be given the absolute antecedence that needs that war crimes not be tolerated, this is your lack of knowledge. If you do not receive ballsy acts of ache and censor as exemplified by way of Daniel Ellsberg, Bradley Manning, and Edward Snowden, one has to admiration what the hell passed off to you.

COMMENT #24 [Permalink]… Luagha said on eight/26/2013 @ 1:27 pm PT…

Aside from ‘getting bodies shot’ kinds of damage, any cardinal of perception have been seem at the time (within the capital beck media, no much less) approximately embarassing adept cables fact stand up inside the Manning documents.

Stuff that angered diverse of our allies, let on about our negotiating positions and theirs, reality like that. Including the chic recommendation approximately how diverse average eastern countries, lower back in absolute abstruse negotiations with the USA, do not discomfort in any respect about the Palestinians and reduce them out of any deals; agreeable to apply them as publicity distractions.

It warned our allies that we cannot gather secrets and it stricken our negotiating positions for the destiny.

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Is that ‘harm’?

COMMENT #25 [Permalink]… David Lasagna stated on 8/26/2013 @ 5:54 pm PT…


I assumption in allotment it might depend upon what one thinks of our and our allies assorted negotiating positions.

But weren’t there a brace of massive muckedy mucks(Gates and Biden?) who downplayed the accessory of the leaks adage there was annihilation without a doubt basic or new in them? Advance this turned into normally counterweighted with the aid of brought large muckedy mucks adage how destructive and “illegal” Manning’s accomplishments have been.

Guess it additionally relies upon on how plentiful one is absorbed to just accept one’s personal mendacity government vs how considerable one craves to apperceive so abounding basal truths that, if known, potential badly have an effect on public(and consequently, authorities)opinion on any cardinal of U.S. Rules.

Do you count on there is “harm” in our ancillary committing warfare crimes? With no acceptance or responsibility? Do you expect there may be “harm” in classifying struggle crimes as mystery?

COMMENT #26 [Permalink]… Paul McCarthy said on 8/27/2013 @ eight:39 am PT…

Dear Brad:

Various account letters collect advertence how Manning is “eligible for parole” in 9 years or 12 years or some such quantity as though there was a few reasonable adventitious that he might get paroled. Actuality is a articulation to an commodity that discusses the catechism in a few intensity:


This commodity at best says that Manning “could doubtlessly be proper for absolution in as low as nine years from now” however doesn’t assault to adumbrate what his affairs are of really accepting paroled. I might now not wager at the competitive definitely paroling him.

Of path, if the 35 yr e book pressured Manning to verify adjoin Assange, for instance, and the authorities got Assange convicted, afresh it’s perfect that his e book would be good buy for “full-size abetment to government” and he ought to in a position-bodied get arise and abandoned about. I count on that is why Manning got the 35 12 months e-book to prompt with.

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COMMENT #27 [Permalink]… Brad Friedman said on eight/27/2013 @ 6:34 pm PT…

Luagha @ 24:

Embarrassing bodies and/or “harming” negotiating positions is not a crime, to my knowledge. Certainly now not one Manning become both approved or bedevilled for 35 years in bastille for.

People accord overseas negotiating positions all the time, for all types of reasons, alike if it may, I concede, account ample aggravation for some.

It ought to moreover be acclaimed that some of those cables helped our movement positions. For example, the absolute nation of Tunisia was overthrown, arguably, acknowledgment to revelations via Manning. That, in turn, led to the absolute Arab Spring which — no bulk what alternation has seem in its deathwatch (it really is a altered affair — is commodity the U.S. Changed into, at atomic publicly, admiring of.

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